Privacy policy

Denka Consultant & Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) considers the protection of personal information (hereinafter referred to as “personal information”) provided by clients and shareholders (hereinafter collectively referred to as “clients”) through this Website and other means as its important social responsibility, and handles and manages personal information in accordance with the following policies.

1. Purposes for using personal information

The Company will use any personal information solely for the following purposes:

(1) To reply to inquiries from clients or provide them with consultations
(2) To offer the Company’s products, services and related information to clients
(3) Other purposes that have been publicized or notified to clients in advance
(4) Any purpose to which clients have explicitly consented beforehand
(5) Purposes deemed clear based on the circumstances of acquisition
(6) Personal information of shareholders: Purposes in line with the Commercial Code and other laws and to communicate with shareholders
(7) Purposes prescribed by other laws

2. Disclosing personal information to third parties

The Company will not disclose or divulge any personal information to third parties except for the following cases:

(1) The Company provides personal information to Group firms to jointly use for the above-stipulated purposes.
(2) The Company provides personal information to firms to which it assigns operations within the limits necessary to achieve the above-mentioned purposes.
(3) The Company provides personal information to firms that take over some of the Company’s operations.
(4) When clients have consented in advance to the disclosure of personal information to third parties.
(5) Personal information is provided to third parties in accordance with applicable laws.

3. Disclosure, correction and deletion

The Company strives to properly manage all personal information by keeping it accurate and up-to-date. It will handle requests from clients for disclosure, correction and deletion of their personal information in a prompt and reasonable fashion. In such cases, a written request or e-mail should be submitted to the section in charge so that the Company can precisely understand the nature of the request.

4. Protection and management system for personal information

The Company has established “Personal Information Protection Rules” to clarify the system of internal responsibility for managing personal information and make known to everybody in-house the handling, protection and management of such information. With these rules, the Company endeavors to ensure that the integrity of the information is maintained.