Denka Consultant & Engineering Co., Ltd. (DCE) was established in 1971 as an umbrella group of Denki Kagaku Kogyo KK (current corporate name: Denka Company Limited).
DCE has tackled technical challenges by utilizing our technologies developed for over a century.
In pneumatic conveyance of powder and granular materials, DCE has expanded its business by focusing on the development of main products - High Flow Pneuma (high-pressure and high-density pneumatic convey system) and Thrust Flow (high-pressure, high-density, and low-speed pneumatic convey system). In the environmental protection field, we have developed Bio-Dynactor (three-phase fluidized-bed biological wastewater treatment system).
Not only developing original products, we also introduce cutting-edge technologies from overseas such as the Gravity Blender (gravity blending machine). Our technologies make a significant contribution to various manufacturing industries, such as chemical, steel, natural resources and energy, food, and papermaking factories.
DCE contributes to the creation of a sustainable society through our original technologies, which are in harmony with the environment and continue to make progress.

Our Main Engineering Businesses

Total engineering of various plants Inorganic chemical plants
Organic chemical plants
Biotechnology-related plants
Powder and Granular Material
Handling Systems

High Flow Pneuma (high-pressure and high-density pneumatic convey system)
Thrust Flow (high-density and low-speed pneumatic convey system)

[Application Examples of Powder and Granular Material Handling]

Steel Industry

  • Powdered coal and waste plastic pneumatic injection system
  • Powder material injection system for the refinement of molten iron and ingot steel

Chemical and food industries

  • System for the receiving, storage, blending, and transportation of powder and granular materials (such as wheat flour, sugar, salt, coal, limestone, carbonaceous materials, cement, catalyst, ashes, dust, ferrite, bentonite, pigments, and so forth)
  • Weighing, bagging, and palletizing of powder and granular materials

Plastic industry

  • Low pressure pneumatic convey system (Vacuum Type/Pressure Type)
  • Gravity blender (a system for weighing, blending, and pneumatic conveying)
Biological waste water treatment system Three-phase fluidized bed biological waste water treatment system (Bio-Dynactor)
Biological deodorization system (Bio-Deor)

Company Profile

Corporate name Denka Consultant & Engineering Co., Ltd.

6-5 Goiminamikaigan, Ichihara City, Chiba 290-0045
Tel: 0436-21-5171 or 81436-21-5171 (main switchboard number)
Fax: 0436-21-7238 or 81436-21-7238

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Establishment 1971
Representative director Keiichiro Miyagawa
Capital 50 million yen

It is located on the premises of the Chiba Factory of Denka Company Limited, in the Keiyo Industrial Area.