Introduction of Pneumatic Convey Systems by Application

Uses suitable system

For brittle powder and
granular materials

The materials are conveyed at low speed.
For conveyance of delicate and brittle granular materials, such as granules

For conveying adhesive powder
and granular materials

Suitable for conveying the powder and granular materials, which tend to adhere to piping and cannot be conveyed
by a conventional pneumatic conveying system

For blending and conveying
powder and granular materials

Various powder and granular materials can be weighed,
blended, and conveyed. (The blending mechanism can be
added optionally.)

For mass conveying

High Flow Pneuma has accomplishments of conveying material at a flow rate of 100 t/h.

For long-distance conveying

The material can be conveyed over a long distance stably.
High Flow Pneuma has accomplishments of conveying material over a distance of 1000 m at the maximum.

For conveying a fixed amount of material

To feed the material to a furnace stably and

Constant and stable conveying with the rotary valve

For powder and granular
materials with abrasiveness

Abrasion of the piping can be prevented by conveying the materials at low speed.

For Safe conveying

Explosive and anaerobic powder and granular materials can be conveyed with an inert gas.
The gas is used repeatedly by circulation.

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