Vertical Pneumatic Conveying System for Powder and Granular Materials


  • This system can be maintained easily with a minimal amount of maintenance. The automatic operation mode saves operation labor.
  • Since the system is provided with a physical powder-tight seal instead of a mechanical seal, it can convey powder and granular materials continuously.
  • The blow tank has a built-in fluidization mechanism. The mechanism allows the system to convey materials with a high solids loading ratio (high density) at low speed.
  • The conveyance speed can be adjusted freely from low (for floating conveyance) to ultra-low (for vertical falling conveyance with a high solids loading ratio) depending on the properties of the materials and applications.
  • Since the system conveys the material vertically, damage to the material during conveyance (such as crushing and powdering) can be kept to a minimum. It is suitable for conveying granular and crystalline materials.
  • Frictional loss caused by friction between the material and the inner wall of a conveyance pipe can be kept to a minimum. It is a high-lift type system ideal to convey a large amount of the material.
  • A work environment can be maintained clean.

Application Specification

For conveying plastic (such as PE and PP), ceramics, cement, metal powder (such as iron powder), coke, carbonaceous materials, unslaked lime, slaked lime, clay, talc, bentonite, carbide, acetylene black, fly ash, sand, dust, wheat flour, starch, medical and pharmaceutical products, detergents, fertilizers, grain, granulated sugar, salt, etc.

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Powder and Granular Material Handling System

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