For conveying delicate and brittle powder and granular materials


  • By properly distributing the thrust air, proper size of the plug will be generated automatically.
    The system is simple and complex plug generator does not have.
  • This system can convey materials with a high solids loading ratio at low speed and accomplishes efficient and energy-saving conveyance. Running costs can be reduced.
  • The system can be operated automatically and stably.
  • The system can be operated with a minimal amount of maintenance and saves maintenance labor.
  • The system can convey granular materials and pressed parts without damaging them.

Comparison of the percentage of granular materials powdered

High solids
loading ratio and
Average flow rate
20~25 3~20 0.5~8
Pressure (MPa) ~0.07 0.1~0.7 0.2~0.5
Ratio of percentage
of granular material
100 70 30

Since the percentage of granular material powdered varies according to the type of powder and granular material, it will be cofirmed by the test using actual samples.

Application Specification

  • For conveying materials with abrasiveness, such as silica sand, alumina, breeze, raw materials of glass and ceramics, mill scale, and iron sand.
  • For conveying delicate and brittle materials, such as food, grain, malt, ceramics, carbonaceous materials, and super absorbent polymers (SAP).
  • For conveying plastic (such as PE and PP), resins, and pellets, which tend to produce plastic waste, such as snake skin, during pneumatic conveyance.

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